Loope’s pricing plans are carefully thought out to ensure that your needs are met and designed 
to fit the size of your studio and your team.

Prices displayed are in USD.
Perfect for the individual working part time - personal reference only.
  • 1 Active Project
  • Timeline Features
  • Task List Features
  • Access to Web App
  • x
  • x
  • x
Boutique studio (1 to 2 person) - Handles about 5-10 projects a year..
  • 3 Active Projects
  • Timeline Features
  • Task List Features
  • Client Sharing Only
  • Access to Web App
  • x
  • x
Full-time studio with 2-4 employees. Steady roster of 15-30 clients per year.
  • 8 Active Projects
  • Timeline & Task List Features
  • Client + up to sharing with 5 Guests
  • Desktop Web Portal Account & Access
  • Syncing between Desktop and Mobile App
Large Studio with various concurrent projects, 30 to 50+ per year.
  • Unlimited Active Projects
  • Timeline & Task List Features
  • Unlimited Clients & Guest Sharing
  • Desktop Web Portal Account & Access
  • Syncing between Desktop and Mobile App

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you intend to update the app with additional features and do you listen to customer feedback about features / improvements?

Absolutely. We believe 100% in listening to our customers and making the necessary tweaks and additions. With our subscription pricing model, we’ll be able to consistently improve our app so that it’s the best version of itself that it can be.

We’ll be releasing updates on our blogs on features and features to come + through our newsletter, so be sure to sign up to get the latest news!

How can I submit feedback?

Hop on to our Contact us page here and drop us a line!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely. If you cancel your plan midway through that month’s billing cycle, you’ll have access to your projects until the end of that billing cycle.

Do the projects rollover each month?

No, our pricing plans work based on the monthly number of projects you have. Once you’re done with your event, you can archive a project, which will free up a project spot for you to use on a new event or collaboration. If you need more projects, you can always upgrade your plan to accommodate your needs.

Can there be multiple administrators of each project?

At this moment, we limit one administrator (subscription holder) per project in order to avoid confusion and to keep things neat and tidy. If two people login with the same account, certain features will not work as they should. However, you can add as many clients and guests as you like, depending on the type of pricing plan you have.

What’s the difference between a client and a guest?

In Loope, there are three types of users of the app – Owner, Client & Guest.
Typically the owner is paying for the subscription, in turn, providing this service for their clients, to add efficiency and value to their business. They have full access to all the features of the app and they are the ones editing timelines and tasklists. 

The client is the principal point of the contact for the project. A good example of who might fill this role is a bride, the main shoot or event organizer and personal/company assistants. These people will be able to view the timeline as well as the tasklists.

Lastly, a guest would be someone that would only need to be able to view the timeline and receive push notifications for reference. They would not be able to make changes to anything on the project. (Example: Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Models, Interns, Makeup Artists, etc)

Still have questions? 
Visit our support section or drop us an email at