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How it started:

Founded by a husband and wife photographer & entrepreneur team in 2017, Loope started very simply after a stressful work day that consisted of miscommunication and frustration. They needed to find an easier, simpler and more intuitive way to handle a work day’s timeline and schedule. 

In the hustle and bustle of a wedding day or a large scale photo shoot, it is more often than not, the good-intentioned printed schedule gets crumpled, lost and forgotten. More often than not, there’s no pen to be found when we need to check off a shot list. This app was born out of pure need, during a wedding day, when shots were being done all out of order and 5 groomsmen were late, which led to the schedule being completely rearranged. As a two person team, working separately half the time and together for the other, communicating this was a nightmare. As simple as that, we knew there was a need that wasn’t being met and that’s how Loope was born.


At Loope, we believe that the best creative work is done when a creative mind is uncluttered, organized and free to completely focus on the vision at hand. The idea and concept of Loope was born from a familiar problem that many creatives face when organizing and planning creative events - the problem of miscommunication and misinformation. Details missed, people showing up at the wrong places and at the wrong time, incessant questions because there is no efficient way to disseminate important information. The solution is Loope.


Loope's intention and goal as both a web app and mobile app is to provide an easy to use and efficient tool for creating timelines for event-centered projects, that encourages communication and collaboration between all involved parties. Organizing and planning a timeline for an event is a key task when putting a project together. Being able to invite collaborators, key players and clients to this same timeline is the next intuitive step. We understand the importance of this key task in relation to it making all of our creative lives infinitely easier. No more wasted time spent bent over the laptop trying to draft a timeline from scratch using a word processor or design program.

Our Team

Just a Small Town Boy & Girl:

Steph Bishop

Photographer, Entrepreneur & Dreamer.

Daniel Bishop

Photographer, Wood Worker & Game Designer.

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