The Hybrid Co 2019 Conference Schedule Access


We hope you’ve had a fantastic week! 🙂 Your Conference Schedule invite is coming up soon (you’ll get it by this evening!) and we just wanted to give you a quick run down of how to get access.

So in order to get the itinerary on your phone, it just takes two simple steps, what you need to do is:

(1) First, Download the app on the Apple App Store – (or search for Loope)

(2) Second, Sign up as a new user! (Click on Not a Member? Register Here) using the email address that The Hybrid Co has on file!

Once you get your invite, you should see the conference project pop right up on your app! (If you don’t, restart the app and that should fix it)

If you experience any issues at all, feel free to email us at OR approach us at our booth.

Please note! The schedule is in CST and will reflect times in YOUR timezone until you actually touchdown/cross timezones into CST, after which, they will be accurate, so please take note!

Can’t wait to meet you all in a few days!!

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